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Shipping Costs and Information

Products are shipped from UK Warehouse or US Warehouse.
Shipping costs are typically £3-£5 British pounds, however costs in some countries are shown in Euros. 

Actual cost of shipping will be added to all orders (Unless you are a subscription Member - subscription members receive free or reduced shipping on certain products ). Shipping costs are held to an absolute minimum (Shipping costs typically range between $3.85 - $7.00 US dollars within the United States) - Foreign orders will vary by country and weight.).  

Shipping is by UPS or Priority Mail. We offer UPS Overnight, 2nd-Day Air and Ground Delivery (2-5 Days Max - Normal shipping is Priority Mail or UPS ground if you don't specify - we try to select the least expensive and best shipping option) International shipping is Air Parcel Post. (E-mail us below for additional information on International Shipping and prices - we can give you shipping costs)